28 Best Kajol Quotes To Know Your Responsibility

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Read the inspiring quotes from Kajol to find the motivation to understand the responsibilities of your life.

Who is Kajol?

Kajol Devgn is one of the most successful Indian film actresses in the history of Hindi cinema. She has received many recognitions for her performance in films.

How was Kajol’s life journey?

Kajol was born on 5 August 1974 in Bombay. Her father Shomu Mukherjee was a film director and producer and her mother Tanuja was an actress. While she was in school, Kajol made her acting debut with the film Bekhudi in 1992. She got her commercial success in the film Baazigar with Shahrukh Khan. She worked in several blockbusters movies such as including Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Gupt: The Hidden Truth, Dushman, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Fanaa, My Name Is Khan, Dilwale, Tanhaji. She married Ajay Devgn on 24 February 1999.

What has Kajol achieved in her life?

Kajol was listed in Box Office India’s “Top Actresses” for five consecutive years from 1995 to1999. She was featured as one of the ten most iconic beauties of Hindi cinema. She was one of the four Bollywood actors, alongside Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan, and Shah Rukh Khan, whose miniature dolls were launched in the United Kingdom, under the name of “Bollywood Legends” in 2006. She has received many awards for her work. She was honored with Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2011.

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Kajol Inspiring Quotes

Read the below motivational quotes from Kajol on various topics to find motivation.

Kajol’s Life Motivation Quotes

1. “No problem is bigger than man, and problems are blown out of proportion by the man himself.” – Kajol is saying that people often make their problems seem worse than they actually are. We have the power to handle our problems, and they aren’t as big as we sometimes think.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

2. “After marriage, time management is difficult. Your responsibilities change, your priorities change.” – Kajol is telling us that when you get married, it can be challenging to manage your time because your duties and what’s most important in your life change. It’s important to adapt to these changes.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

3. “Your career is just a part of your life. For me, my family is my life.” – Kajol is saying that your job is only one part of your life, and for her, her family is the most important part. It reminds us that family is valuable.

4. “Everybody has their own rules, and so do I. I have always lived on my own terms.” – Kajol means that everyone has their own way of living and making decisions. She has always done things her own way, following her own rules.

5. “I’ve made mistakes and acknowledged them as mistakes, no regrets.” – Kajol is saying she has made errors in the past, but she accepts them as mistakes and doesn’t dwell on them. She has no regrets because she has learned from her mistakes.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

6. “I consider my life a success. There’s nothing that I would re-do.” – Kajol believes her life has been successful, and she wouldn’t change anything if given the chance. She’s content with how things have turned out.

7. “I’ve always done what I felt was right.” – Kajol has always followed her own sense of what is right and has made choices based on her beliefs and values.

8. “I don’t care what other people see me as.” – Kajol is telling us that she doesn’t worry about how others perceive her. She stays true to herself and doesn’t let others’ opinions affect her.

9. “I’ve always worried about what my opinion of myself is.” – Kajol emphasizes that she is more concerned about how she views herself than what others think of her. Self-approval matters most to her.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

10. “I don’t care what other people’s opinion of me is or how they view whatever I’ve said or done.” – Kajol is saying she doesn’t let others’ opinions or judgments bother her. She stays true to her actions and words without being overly concerned about what others think.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

11. “I am always in the learning frame of mind in acting or in anything else that I do. That’s what makes life interesting and worth living.” – Kajol constantly seeks to learn, whether it’s in her acting career or anything else. Learning keeps life interesting and meaningful.

12. “That’s what the sari is about. Everything is covered, yet a peep of an ankle can be a turn on for men.” – Kajol is suggesting that even though a sari covers most of a woman’s body, it can still be attractive to others because sometimes a glimpse of something subtle can be enticing. She’s highlighting the allure of modesty and mystery.

Kajol’s Self-Improvement Quotes:

13. “As a mother, it’s my responsibility to guide my kids and tell them to go how far and no further.” – Kajol is saying that as a mother, it’s her job to guide her children and set limits for them. This inspires us to take responsibility for guiding and protecting the people we care about.

14. “There should be rules and guidelines for the kids, and they should know their limits.” – Kajol believes that children should have rules and boundaries. This quote reminds us that setting clear guidelines and limits is important for personal growth and development.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

15. “My children need my attention, and it’s my duty to give them my time. I have not given birth to them to just dump them and go off to work.” – Kajol emphasizes the importance of giving time and attention to her children as a mother. It inspires us to prioritize our responsibilities and relationships over work at times.

16. “By the time you’re 30, you know who you are inside. You learn to laugh at things you can’t change; you learn to be yourself.” – Kajol suggests that by the age of 30, people often have a good understanding of who they are. This quote inspires us to accept ourselves, find humor in life’s challenges, and be true to our authentic selves.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

Kajol’s Relationship Quotes:

17. “I do believe in soulmates and happy/successful marriages.” – Kajol believes in the idea of soulmates and that it’s possible to have happy and successful marriages. This quote encourages us to have faith in love and strong partnerships.

18. “No marriage can be happy 24×7 for 365 days. Both partners have to make the relationship work.” – Kajol acknowledges that no marriage is perfect all the time. It reminds us that relationships require effort and commitment from both partners to overcome challenges.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

19. “Make that extra effort for every relationship. Whether it’s with your parents, your children, your husband or your friends. It makes a difference to them.” – Kajol encourages us to put in extra effort to nurture all our relationships, whether with family or friends. This quote inspires us to show care and appreciation for the people we love.

20. “I know what my comfort zones are. But without a backup, I will never step out of my comfort zone.” – Kajol is saying that she knows what makes her feel safe and comfortable. However, she won’t take risks or try new things without a safety net. This quote inspires us to be cautious when exploring new opportunities.

21. “You can never work for expectations. You have to work against them.” – Kajol suggests that working solely for the sake of meeting expectations can be limiting. To truly succeed, you should work to challenge or surpass those expectations. This quote inspires us to aim higher and exceed what’s expected of us.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

Kajol’s Inspirational Quotes:

22. “Motherhood is an amazing feeling, and if you get to relive those special moments while working.” – Kajol is saying that being a mother is a wonderful experience, and it’s even more special when you can continue to enjoy those moments while pursuing your work. This quote inspires us to find joy in both our personal and professional life.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

23. “Hand washing is the first basic step towards achieving any millennium goals for development. It saves lives.” – Kajol highlights the importance of washing hands because it’s a simple yet crucial step in improving health and development. This quote inspires us to recognize the power of basic actions in making a positive impact.

24. “For me, men and women are different. A man is genetically gifted to pull more than a woman.” – Kajol acknowledges the physical differences between men and women, like strength. It inspires us to appreciate and understand these differences while advocating for equality and recognizing that everyone has unique strengths.

25. “I don’t consider women to be any less than men. In fact, I feel we are far more intelligent than them.” – Kajol believes that women are just as capable as men and, in some ways, even more intelligent. This quote inspires us to have confidence in the abilities and intelligence of women.

26. “In life, I make my decisions and stand by them. Some decisions may have proven to be not the best, but I have learned from them, and I’ve never repeated a mistake again.” – Kajol shares that she makes choices in life and takes responsibility for them. Even if she has made mistakes, she learns from them and doesn’t make the same mistakes twice. This inspires us to make decisions, learn from them, and grow as individuals.

27. “The best thing you can do for your body is sleep. It’s simple. Cater to your body as much as to your mind.” – Kajol believes that getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your body. This quote inspires us to prioritize rest and take care of our physical well-being, just as we care for our mental well-being.

Kajol Quotes To Help You To Know The Responsibility Of Your Life

28. “Your body is the house of your mind. You have to pay attention to your physicality as much as your mentality.” – Kajol reminds us that our body is where our mind resides, and it’s important to take care of both our physical and mental health. This quote inspires us to maintain a healthy balance between our physical and mental well-being.

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