43 Vijay Sethupathi Quotes to Learn Lessons From Life

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Read here the Inspiring quotes said by Vijay Sethupathi to find the motivation that will help you to learn powerful lessons from your life experiences.

Who is Vijay Sethupathi?

Vijay Sethupathi is an Indian actor, producer, lyricist, and dialogue writer who works in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. Referred to by fans and media as “Makkal Selvan”, meaning “People’s Treasure”. He has starred in more than 50 films including several successful ventures.

How was Vijay Sethupathi’s life journey?

Vijay Sethupathi was born on 16 January 1978 in Tamilnadu, India. In his childhood, he was a below-average student and was neither interested in sports nor extra-curricular activities. At age 16, he auditioned for a role in the Nammavar film but was rejected due to his short height. Sethupathi did a series of odd jobs for pocket money: salesman at a retail store, cashier at a fast-food joint, and phone booth operator. After his college education, he worked as an accountant assistant in Dubai. Unhappy with his job, he returned to India in 2003 and joined a marketing company. Vijay was motivated by director Balu Mahendra to pursue an acting career.

Vijay made his beginnings as a background actor in a few films but made his first lead role in the drama film Thenmerku Paruvakaatru in 2011. Vijay’s life got a turning point in 2012. Because in that year his three films Sundarapandian, Pizza, and Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom were released and got commercial successes and raised his popularity.

What has Vijay Sethupathi achieved in his life?

Vijay Sethupathi made more than 50 films and got many film awards. Most of the films got commercial success. He is referred to by fans and media as “Makkal Selvan”, meaning “People’s Treasure”.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes

Read below motivational quotes said by Vijay Sethupathi to find motivation.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Quotes on Caste:

1. “We have to eradicate caste.” – Vijay Sethupathi is saying that we should get rid of the system where people are treated differently based on their caste. This quote inspires us to work towards a society where everyone is treated equally, no matter their background.

2. “Caste has divided us. I wish it should be completely abolished from our society.” – Vijay Sethupathi believes that caste has caused divisions among people, and he hopes that it can be completely removed from our society. This quote encourages us to work together to eliminate these divisions and promote unity.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

3. “Politicians are dividing us based on caste lines.” – Vijay Sethupathi is pointing out that some politicians are using caste differences to create divisions among people for their own benefit. This quote reminds us to be aware of such tactics and strive for unity and fairness in our society.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Quotes on Life:

4. “I believe life is an ‘experience ball.’ You throw it at someone, it picks up their response… it grows. You play with that ball, learning what it teaches you.” – Vijay Sethupathi is comparing life to a ball that collects experiences and lessons as it interacts with others. This quote inspires us to learn and grow from our life experiences.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

5. “One of my biggest drawbacks is my inability to maintain my physique.” – Vijay Sethupathi is acknowledging one of his shortcomings, which is not being able to keep a fit body. This quote encourages us to accept our imperfections and work on self-improvement.

6. “Why are numbers so important? I take up a film I like, give it my best, and move on.” – Vijay Sethupathi is questioning the importance of success metrics like numbers. He emphasizes doing what you love and giving your best effort. This quote inspires us to focus on our passions and not be overly concerned with success metrics.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

7. “I came to the cinema for money. I had to settle a loan of Rs 10 lakh. I had no other go, so I thought I’d try my luck in films. I was earning Rs 25,000 at that time. It was not even enough for my family.” – Vijay Sethupathi started working in the film industry because he needed money to pay off a loan and support his family. This quote encourages us to take bold steps when faced with financial challenges and to pursue opportunities.

8. “We never take people seriously when they are alive, but once they are gone, we always think that we should have treated them better.” – Vijay Sethupathi reminds us that we often don’t appreciate people while they are alive, but after they pass away, we regret not treating them better. This quote inspires us to value and show appreciation to the people in our lives.

9. “I have had both joyful and heartbreaking moments in life, even now. Stardom doesn’t give us everything.” – Vijay Sethupathi shares that despite his fame, he has experienced both happiness and sadness in life. This quote reminds us that success doesn’t guarantee everything, and we should cherish life’s ups and downs.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

10. “A new character is like bringing a new human being into your life.” – Vijay Sethupathi compares taking on a new character in a movie to welcoming a new person into one’s life. This quote inspires us to approach new experiences with an open heart and curiosity.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Quotes on Food & Health:

11. “When my parents force-fed me healthy food, they were confident they were giving me the best. But now, when I feed my children, I am not sure if what I am giving them is safe.” – Vijay Sethupathi expresses concern about the safety of the food he feeds his children, even though his parents believed they were giving him the best. This quote encourages us to be cautious about the quality and safety of the food we consume and provide to our loved ones.

12. “Politics and pesticides are destroying our food culture.” – Vijay Sethupathi points out that political influences and the use of pesticides are negatively impacting our food culture. This quote inspires us to be aware of the factors affecting our food and work towards healthier, more sustainable food practices.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

Vijay Sethupathi’s Thought on Present Moment

13. “Your present is shaped by your yesterday, but you don’t have to advertise it.” – Vijay Sethupathi reminds us that our current situation is influenced by our past, but we don’t have to constantly talk about it. This quote encourages us to focus on the present and not dwell on past mistakes or achievements.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

Vijay Sethupathi’s Quotes on Acting:

14. “When an actor decides to play a character, he must exude some sort of charisma and look relatable, even if he is playing the role of a really unattractive person.” – Vijay Sethupathi is saying that an actor needs to bring charm and relatability to their character, even if the character is not physically attractive. This quote inspires us to see the value in portraying characters with depth and humanity, regardless of their appearance.

15. “There’s no challenge involved in any kind of role. I don’t have to prove or impress anybody.” – Vijay Sethupathi believes that there’s no need to prove oneself in acting roles. This quote encourages us to focus on doing our best without seeking validation or impressing others.

16. “The very expectation that an actor loves to experiment becomes a shackle that is difficult to snap out of.” – Vijay Sethupathi suggests that the expectation to be experimental in acting can become restrictive. This quote inspires us to embrace creativity and exploration in our work without feeling bound by expectations.

17. “In feature films, I used to be the hero’s friend, a regular character. In short films, I played the hero; I got roles where I could work on my character and performance. They made me aware of myself as an actor.” – Vijay Sethupathi started as a supporting character in movies and later played leading roles in short films. This quote shows that by exploring different roles, he learned and grew as an actor. It encourages us to take on diverse experiences to develop ourselves.

18. “I was always under the impression that acting is an innate gift. Actors should realize the art of acting through their training.” – Vijay Sethupathi thought acting was something people were born with but later realized it could be developed through training. This quote inspires us to understand that skills can be learned and improved through practice and training.

19. “I don’t overact, so people think that I naturally act well. I underplay my roles, and that has worked for me.” – Vijay Sethupathi mentions that he doesn’t exaggerate his acting, and this approach has been successful for him. This quote inspires us to be authentic and subtle in our actions, which can often be more effective.

Inspiring Quotes by Vijay Sethupathi:

20. “I don’t have a role model.” – Vijay Sethupathi doesn’t have someone he looks up to as a role model. This quote encourages us to be ourselves and not feel pressured to emulate others.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

21. “If I am ever forced to choose between my identity as a Tamilian and an award from the central government, I will choose the former.” – Vijay Sethupathi would prioritize his identity as a Tamilian over receiving an award from the central government. This quote inspires us to stand by our values and identity, even in the face of recognition or rewards.

22. “I am an actor who doesn’t believe in carrying an ‘image’ in the industry. I don’t want to get trapped in an image.” – Vijay Sethupathi doesn’t want to be known for a specific image in the film industry. This quote encourages us to be versatile and not restrict ourselves to a single identity.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

23. “I surrender to my directors. I do that because I respect them immensely.” – Vijay Sethupathi respects his directors and willingly follows their guidance. This quote inspires us to show respect and trust in the expertise of others.

24. “In fact, a director’s talent scares me. I admit that they’re more intelligent than me, and I submit to that, as an assistant director does. Even when I have suggestions to make, I don’t state them strongly.” – Vijay Sethupathi is humbled by the talent of directors and believes they are more knowledgeable. This quote inspires us to be humble, open to learning from others, and respectful of their expertise.

25. “I had no interest in cinema until I was 24 years old. My friends had posters of their favorite stars in their houses, but I was far from a film buff – very detached from films.” – Vijay Sethupathi had no interest in movies until he was 24, even though his friends were fans of film stars. This quote reminds us that our interests can change, and we can discover new passions at any age.

26. “The day I became a hero, my dream was realized. Everything else is a bonus.” – Vijay Sethupathi considered himself successful when he became a leading actor. This quote inspires us to appreciate our achievements and see everything else as an extra reward.

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Vijay Sethupathi’s Quotes on Risk Taking:

27. “If you start worrying about risks, you might as well stay inside the womb.” – Vijay Sethupathi is saying that if you worry too much about risks, you won’t make progress or experience new things. This quote inspires us to be courageous and willing to step out of our comfort zones.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

28. “I cannot stay at the place when a stranger starts talking to me. I will try to cut the speech as quickly as possible and move away. I had to break this inhibition before becoming an actor.” – Vijay Sethupathi had a fear of talking to strangers, but he had to overcome it to become an actor. This quote encourages us to face our fears and limitations in order to achieve our goals.

29. “I don’t take any project lightly. Every project is important for me. In fact, every scene in every film is important.” – Vijay Sethupathi treats every project and scene with importance and respect. This quote inspires us to approach our work with dedication and not underestimate any task.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Quotes on Film:

30. “If a film is suitable for family viewing, it should remain so, and if a film has some adult content, it should remain so, and these genres should never be mixed and spoil the vision of the storyteller.” – Vijay Sethupathi believes that films should stay true to their intended audience, and the content should not be mixed in a way that disrupts the storyteller’s vision. This quote inspires us to maintain the integrity and purpose of our creative work.

31. “I’m excited and nervous about every film; once I understand the medium fully, I’ll relax.” – Vijay Sethupathi feels both excitement and nervousness with every film he works on. He expects to feel more at ease once he fully understands the film medium. This quote inspires us to embrace new challenges with enthusiasm, even if they initially make us nervous.

32. “To be honest, many of my well-wishers want me to play the solo lead in films. Maybe, it’s time to think about it. In fact, I have cut down on signing up for multi-starrer films.” – Vijay Sethupathi’s supporters want him to play the main character in films, and he’s considering it. He’s also reducing his involvement in films with multiple lead roles. This quote encourages us to listen to feedback from those who care about us and consider making changes that align with our goals.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Thought on Self-Taught:

33. “I’m self-taught. Even today, on the sets, I probe the lightmen, the stunt artists… they are from a period I’ve not seen; I can visualize it through them.” – Vijay Sethupathi learned on his own, and he continues to learn from people with different skills on movie sets. This quote inspires us to be open to learning from those with diverse experiences, even if they’re from a different generation.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Quotes on Planning:

34. “Planning bores me. I like to go with the flow. Being whimsical is nice, occasionally. It keeps things fresh; there’s no expectation.” – Vijay Sethupathi finds planning uninteresting and prefers to be spontaneous. This quote inspires us to embrace spontaneity, which can bring freshness and excitement to our lives and work.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

35. “I am not bothered about my career graph, as I am someone who doesn’t believe in planning things.” – Vijay Sethupathi doesn’t concern himself with mapping out his career, as he’s not a fan of planning. This quote encourages us to be open to unexpected opportunities and not stress too much about the future.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Thought on Food:

36. “The food we eat is our identity. The youth of the nation must save our food culture and traditions. If not, it will affect future generations.” – Vijay Sethupathi emphasizes that the food we eat represents our identity and culture. He encourages the younger generation to preserve and value their food traditions, as neglecting them can impact the heritage passed on to future generations. This quote inspires us to appreciate and protect our cultural and culinary heritage.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Thought on Education:

37. “Education is a basic necessity.” – Vijay Sethupathi is saying that education is something everyone needs. This quote inspires us to value and seek education as a fundamental and essential part of our lives.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Thoughts on Work:

38. “All my films have turned out well only because of the director’s brilliance, not because of me.” – Vijay Sethupathi believes that the success of his films is mainly due to the director’s talent, not his own. This quote encourages us to acknowledge the contributions of others in our work and remain humble.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

39. “I’ll give the director what he wants, but please explain the requirement. If it reaches me, then there’s communication.” – Vijay Sethupathi is willing to fulfill the director’s vision, but he asks for clear communication about what is needed. This quote inspires us to be open to collaboration and effective communication in our work.

40. “I want to make my kind of films but make them work commercially, too. When my presentation meets the director’s imagination, the result will be great.” – Vijay Sethupathi aims to create films that align with his style but also succeed with a wider audience. He believes that when his presentation matches the director’s vision, it leads to a great outcome. This quote encourages us to combine our unique style with practicality to achieve success in our work.

41. “My job is to be sincere in my script. I am passionate about what I do.” – Vijay Sethupathi’s role is to be genuine and passionate in his script or work. This quote inspires us to approach our tasks with sincerity and enthusiasm.

Vijay Sethupathi Quotes To Help You To Learn From Your Life

42. “There is no hard and fast rule that I only work with debutants. I give prime importance to the script, and when that works out, everything else falls in place automatically. In fact, most debutants express interest to work with me.” – Vijay Sethupathi doesn’t only work with new filmmakers. He values the script above all else, and when the script is good, everything else comes together naturally. This quote inspires us to prioritize the quality and content of our work, which can attract opportunities and collaboration.

43. “When I listen to a script, it has to be entertaining. People who come to the theatre should be happy and entertained.” – Vijay Sethupathi looks for scripts that are entertaining and can make people happy when they watch the movie. This quote encourages us to create work that brings joy and entertainment to our audience.

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