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Pastime is an activity that you do regularly for enjoyment. It may not be your work, it is something that you do for fun. Here are pastime related abbreviations and full forms list.

Pastime Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
1812War of 1812
510QThank You
71D5One Five-Sided Die
81DBBOne Day Beta Battle
91DRI wonder
101NAMOne in a million
112BTo be
122b2t2 builders 2 tools
132D4Two Die Four
142EZToo easy
152G2BTToo Good To Be True
162L8Too Late
172M2HToo much to handle
182MIToo Much Information
2034UFree For You
213DoGThe Three Days of Gettysburg
223EThird Echelon/Third Echelon Organization
233J23 John 2
243KK3 000 000
253PSThird Person Shooter
264AOFor adults only
274COLFor Crying Out Loud
284EFourth Echelon
294EAEForever And Ever
314FC4 Friends + Chrillee
334UFor You
345GLFifth-Generation Language
37A/NAuthor’s Note
39A&AAxis & Allies
40A2600Atari 2600
41A3Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
42AAAlcoholics Anonymous
43AAAs above
44AAAsk About
45AACAnother Asteroids Clone
46AAFAs A Friend
47AAGHAll Around Gaming Hub
48AAKAlive And Kicking
49AAKAsleep At Keyboard
50AAMOIAs A Matter Of Interest
51AAPAlways A Pleasure
52AARAt Any Rate
53AASAlive And Smiling
54AASHTAAs always, Sheldon has the answer
55AATKAlways At The Keyboard
56AAWCAxis and Allies World Club
57AAYFAs Always, Your Friend
59ABAngry Birds
60ABArathi Basin
62ABCAlready Been Chewed
63ABDAlready Been Done
64ABGAbstract Board Game
65ABNAir Baron
66ABODAnother one bites the dust/video
67ABSAdventure Battle System
68ABSPAssociation of British Scrabble Players
70ABT2About To
71ABUAll bugged up
72ABWTArmored Brigade War Toys
73ACAcceptable Content
74ACActivity Check
75AC2Assassin’s Creed 2
76ACCAnyone Can Come
77ACCFAnimal Crossing City Folk
80ACGAngry Canadian Gamer
81ACGAnime Cosplay and Gaming
82ACGMAsherons Call Guild Manager
83ACJOAnimal Crossing Jump Out
85ACNFAnimal Crossing New Leaf
88ACSAtlantic storm
89ACVAdvanced Civilization
90ADADAnother day, another dollar
91ADBBAll done, bye-bye
92ADCAttack Damage Carry
94ADFOAcid Doll Fetish Originals
95ADIHAnother Day In Hell
96ADIPAnother Day in Paradise
98ADNAny Day Now
99ADVAdel verpflichtet
100AEAlpha Elites
101AEAAussie Elite Assassins
102AEAPAs Early As Possible
103AEGAlpha Expert Gamers
104AESAsian Elite Squad
105AFAfter Fantasy
106AFAfter Funimation
107AFAggression Factor
108AFAlpha Flames/Anime False
109AFAnother Future
110AFApril Fools
111AFArea Effect
112AFArmor Factor
113AFAs Freak
114AFAIAAAs Far As I Am Aware
115AFAICAs Far As I’m Concerned
116AFAIKAs Far As I Know
117AFAIUIAs Far As I Understand It
118AFAPAs Far As Possible
119AFCAway From Computer
120AFCAway From Controller
121AFFAnts For Fun
122AFFAAngels Forever, Forever Angels
123AFJApril Fool’s Joke
124AFKA Free Kill computer game
125AFKAway From Keyboard
126AFPOEA Fresh Pair Of Eyes
127AFZAcronym Free Zone
128AGAccepted Games
129AGAddicted Gamer
130AGAmerican Gunners
131AGAnime Gamers
132AGAnime Genisis
133AGAAggressive Gaming Alliance
134AGBA Gaming Brotherhood
135AGBAdvanced Game Boy
136AGCOAlcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
137AGCTAnime Girl Catfight Tournament
138AGDPAtlanta Game Development Podcast
139AGDQAwesome Games Done Quick
140AGGAway Game Goals
141AGGAyakashi Ghost Guild/video
142AGIAdventure Game Interpreter
144AGLCAlberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
145AGONAOC Gaming Outstanding New
146AGOTA Game of Thrones
147AGPAssociation of Gaming Professionals
148AGTAdventure Game Theater
149AGTAmerican Gaming Technologies
150AHAchievement Hunter
151AHAt home
152AHAuction House
153AHGEAustralasian Hospitality Gaming Expo
154AHWUAchievement Hunter Weekly Update
155AIAction Instructions
156AIABAmiga in a Box
157AICArtificial Inteligant Character
159AIMArmies In Miniature
160AIPAssassination In Progress
161AIRAccessibility Internet Rally
162AIRAs I Remember
163AISBAs I Said Before
164AISBAs it should be
165AISIAs I See It
166AITRAdult In The Room
167AKAAlso Known As
168AKQAce, King, and Queen
169ALAdvanced Level
170ALAngelic Layer
171ALAnimated Lust
173ALCONAll Concerned
174ALGAngry Luigi Gamer
176ALOLActually Laughing Out Loud
177ALPAnarchy Legion of Pirates
178AltAlternative character
179AMAAsk Me Anything
180AMAPAs Much As Possible
181AMBWAll My Best Wishes
182AMGCAlex Menrich Gaming Community
183AMLAll my love
184FrivGames Online Free
185GIRLGuy in real life
187TMTHToo much to handle

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