13 Vikram Quotes to Find Motivation While Doing Your Work

Find here some Inspiring quotes said by Vikram to find motivation in your life.

Who is Vikram?

Vikram is a successful actor in Tamil language films and also appeared in Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi films. His actual name is Kennedy John Victor, but popularly known by his stage name Vikram.

How was Vikram’s life journey?

Vikram was born on 17 April 1966. His father, John Victor, was an actor, and his mother Rajeshwari, was a sub-collector. Vikram was inspired by his father to become an actor and take part in theatre lessons and become professionally trained in classical and cinema dance forms to ensure he became a leading actor.

During his studies, Vikram used to participate in stage shows. While studying in college, he faced an accident, suffered a serious leg injury. He remained hospital-ridden for three years during college and subsequently went through twenty-three surgeries to prevent his leg from being amputated. Then Vikram returned to finish the final year of his degree after his accident and secured permission to finish his dissertation at home.

Vikram began his professional career by modeling in advert films for brands. He made his debut in the 1990 film En Kadhal Kanmani. The first three films failed to launch his career. However, the success of the film Sethu made Vikram’s career successful. Then Vikram appeared in many successful movies like Dhill, Gemini, Dhool, Saamy, Kasi, Samurai, Pithamagan, Anniyan, Kanthaswamy, Raavanan, Deiva Thirumagal, I, Saamy Square, Sketch, and Iru Mugan.

What has Vikram Achieved in his life?

Vikram has promoted various social causes. He has also founded The Vikram Foundation through his fan club to provide heart operations for the poor, educate poor children and rehabilitate victims from natural disasters.

Based on the earnings of Indian celebrities, Vikram was included in the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list for 2016 and 2018. He received honorable awards including seven Filmfare Awards South, a National Film Award, a Tamil Nadu State Film Award, and the Kalaimamani Award from the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2004.

Vikram Inspiring Quotes

Find here some motivational quotes said by Vikram on various topics to find motivation in your life.

1. “Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the end result does not match your expectations.” ― Vikram

Vikram Quotes To Find Motivation While Doing Your Work

2. “I informed Malayalam filmmakers that I can do a film for free if the role excites me.” ― Vikram

3. “I started the trend of doing only one film at a time.” ― Vikram

Vikram Quotes To Find Motivation While Doing Your Work

4. “I am interested in biographical stories. Seldom are good biopics like ‘Maha Nati’ being made.” ― Vikram

5. “With each of my films, I want to look/be different from the real me and want my performance to be different from the last one.” ― Vikram

Inspirational Quotes by Vikram

6. “I am a jovial person in real life.” ― Vikram

7. “I’m an actor who believes in looking different in every film of mine.” ― Vikram

Vikram Quotes To Find Motivation While Doing Your Work

8. “The trouble is that in south cinema after you become successful at the box office, market realities dictate your choice of films, and it becomes difficult to experiment.” ― Vikram

9. “I like Kamal Haasan‘s daring choice of roles. When I was in school and college, I modeled myself on him. I was so much in awe of him.” ― Vikram

10. “Some of the actors who came to the cinema much later than I have tried their hand at the direction. But, I don’t intend to wield a megaphone anytime soon, since it is tough and requires a lot of your time.” ― Vikram

11. “Money is important, but it’s not the only driving factor for me.” ― Vikram

Vikram Quotes To Find Motivation While Doing Your Work

12. “I have an obsession with quality.” ― Vikram

Vikram Quotes To Find Motivation While Doing Your Work

13. “I enjoy fame, but I like normal, too. Going out is difficult; you are recognized, and you cannot be normal anymore… you start living in a bubble, and I am a normal guy.” ― Vikram

Vikram Quotes To Find Motivation While Doing Your Work

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