61 Divine Love Quotes for a Heart-Centered Life

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Find here the list of 61 Divine Love Quotes & Sayings to find the true love in your life.

Love never asks anything but its nature is always giving. Divine love is true love without any expectations. It’s all about mutual respect, never imposing one’s views, and accepting the person for what they are, willing to adjust, and sacrificing everything towards your love.

Divine love allows us to love and accept ourselves also. Check out here the list of 61 Divine Love Quotes that will help you to understand the importance of divine love and to love the soul, not the person.

Inspiring Divine Love Quotes

1. “World is a divine play. At the beginning and at the end, we are the same.” ― Amit Ray

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

2. “Whatever you enjoy doing without the need for a reward or specific result is divine.” Kayambila Mpulamasaka

3. “One need not fall in love; one must rise through love.” ― Hazrat Inayat Khan

4. “When love invites the entire universe dances in ecstasy for the lover finally meeting with the beloved.” ― Aiyaz Uddin

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

5. “People want to hate each other for religion but not love each other for God.” ― Aiyaz Uddin

6. “Sensuality was meant to be a divine tool for your deepest love experience.” Lebo Grand

7. “If you care about being desired, it means you care about being a sensual woman.” ― Lebo Grand

8. “Love is where unseen and unsaid things merge with each other where silence is thirsty of happenings.” ― Seema Gupta

9. “I loved him beyond madness being one soul one vein one body, which he never deserved.” ― Seema Gupta

10. “I was in love when I felt your soul speaks in my Body.” ― Seema Gupta

Best divine love quotes

11. “My Love tears me between the addiction of patience and urge of infinite desire.” ― Seema Gupta

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

12. “Love is breathing each other with all madness.” ― Seema Gupta

13. “I would prefer to live with bleeding heart where desire see the darkness of uncertainty because I need to know the existence of love.” ― Seema Gupta

14. “Love is floating somewhere in the beautiful horizon with an equal wavelength with the same frequency of intense feelings.” ― Seema Gupta

15. “For me, love is when I don’t limit you, I put you on the rainbows, beyond eternity of time and destiny.” ― Seema Gupta

16. “As the river enters into the ocean, so my heart touches Thee.” ― Kabir

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

17. “Love is when Looking at a glance at you. I found laughter in my eyes, Thoughts turns into jewels Where luster of your aura dwells.” ― Seema Gupta

18. “Love each other as the Creator of Everything loves: unconditionally.” ― Tara Bianca

19. “The desire for connection with the Divine and our formless inner self is at the foundation of all desire for human connection.” ― Donna Goddard

Deep divine love quotes

20. “You follow me everywhere I go. I am never alone, never empty, for your Love and beauty resides always in my heart.” ― Marie Amara

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

21. “Mind judges what is good and bad. The mind gives compliments or throws contempt. I don’t want your compliments. I want to enter deep inside you. I want to touch your soul, not mine.” ― Shunya

22. “Attraction between two people happens when they complete each other in some aspects, not all, but see the scope of becoming complete in all aspects by exchanging energies. The truth is that completeness can’t be created. It has to be discovered within.” ― Shunya

23. “Courage is the starting point of everything good. To love another is to automatically feed the fire of courage. We cannot be humiliated when we are fighting for someone or something we love.” ― Donna Goddard

24. “From a spiritual perspective, each individual heart is a place where Divine love is expressed and experienced. That’s what it’s designed for. That love shows up in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes, colors, and flavors. We are here to love, as big and as fearlessly as we possibly can.” ― Jeffrey R. Anderson

25. “Divine love is a catalyst for our turning, our healing. Where fear & threat may gain our compliance, love captures our heart. It changes the heavy burden of the “have-to’s” of imposed obedience to the “get-to’s”, a joyful response to the genuine love of God. ― Michael M. Rose

26. “Significance is discovered in the heart. It is here that it is cultivated and nurtured as it imparts meaning to everything you put your hand to. It spills forth from a life rooted in the source of significance itself – divine love. This takes what may appear as mundane, simple tasks and makes them pregnant with love-rooted-significance.” ― Michael M. Rose

Spiritual Divine Love Quotes

27. “In divine love or devotion, you lose yourself as the ice melts into water. In love, you just lose control over yourself like iron loses control near a magnet; And when you regain control, you feel bad.” ― Shunya

28. “A glass of water is holding water. But empty glass is not holding emptiness. Neither emptiness is holding the glass. Both are free and yet they are into each other. This is divine love. No attachment, only pure love.” ― Shunya

29. “This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls.” ― Aberjhani

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

30. “May your love for me be like the scent of the evening sea drifting in through a quiet window so I do not have to run or chase or fall… to feel you all I have to do is breath.” ― Sanober Khan

31. “Let your soul bloom like a flower with the beauty and fragrance of divine love.” ― Debasish Mridha

32. “Divine love is an awakening to a part of yourself that makes you feel stronger and resilient even in the most trying times.” ― Angela Jamal

The gift of divine love quotes

33. “God’s Word is the divine blueprint that shows you how to build every part of your life.” ― Jim George

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

34. “Love is a divine act that can transform and bring a change of heart.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

35. “Divine love is incessantly restless until it turns all woundedness into health, all deformity into beauty, all embarrassment into laughter. In biblical faith, brokenness is never celebrated as an end in itself.” ― Belden C. Lane

36. “Love was supposed to be the easiest path to divinity.” ― Soroosh Shahrivar

37. “Nothing can penetrate the loneliness of the human heart except the highest intensity of the sort of love the religious teachers have preached.” ― Bertrand Russell

38. “Intuition is the gentle hand of divine love.” ― Leta B.

39. “Divine love is limitless and the source of miracles.” ― Leta B.

40. “It’s about freedom, joy, and wisdom. It’s all about divine love.” ― Harold Klemp

41. “A moment of care carries us away! The fragrance of forgiveness elevates us. Imperfections are essentially universal. Divine love drives our desire.” ― Balroop Singh

42. “Fall in love with the divine, because the mundane love is as volatile as the trust of people who practice it.” ― Girdhar Joshi

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

43. “Love is a divine force.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

44. “All divine power is within you to accomplish great things.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

The secrets of divine love quotes

45. “Loving or accepting others unconditionally allows us to love and accept ourselves.” ― Tara Bianca

46. “Unconditional love never expects the other to be different than they are. Nor does it place a person below another.” ― Tara Bianca

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

47. “Unconditional loving friendship is the foundation for all relationships.” ― Tara Bianca

48. “As unconditional, conscious friendship blossoms within us, we inform and inspire others to share the beauty of friendship.” ― Tara Bianca

49. “Let yourself be a gift of love and presence. The greatest gift you can offer the world is the gift of your presence as an unconditional observer and lover of the world.” ― Tara Bianca

50. “Every time I access unconditional love for another, I am blessed. Every time I hug someone, I am blessed. Every time I unconditionally hold space for another’s suffering, I am blessed.” ― Tara Bianca

51. “When you approach Divinity, you become like the Divine in that your heart is oriented toward unconditionally serving humanity. You end up aligned with the Will of God, which in this case is about bringing everyone home to God in the fullness of our Divinity.” ― Tara Bianca

52. “Love is divine, an expression towards his created creation. Unconditional, unjudgemental, everlasting, and ever-increasing towards creation.” ― Aiyaz Uddin

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

53. “Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge.” ― Arthur Rimbaud

54. “I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.” ― William Blake

55. “I don’t think I could truly value human love until I developed divine love.” ― Penn Badgley

56. “Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters.” ― Criss Jami

57. “The world we live in might not be free from pain, but you have the ability to create for yourself a world free from struggle.” ― Sheila Applegate

Divine Love Quotes to find your true love

58. “If we are serious about dreaming our awakening into being and creating a peaceful, loving earth in which the heart, spirit, and soul are the only true leaders, we must continue to keep our focus on thoughts of unity and all that truly brings us together.” ― Diane Hall

59. “Soul is like a surname in this time and space matrix. It’s the ever-loving, abiding, and continuous connection to your auspicious origin. You can’t sell it or give it up. It is not possible. The soul is you.” ― Deborah Bravandt

60. “Let’s be about leaving this world better than we find it each and every day. Our life is a testimony and through us divine loving is becoming more manifest. The greater good is calling upon us here in this world to be done this day. One of my rallying calls is let’s go out and do some good. This is who we are. This is what we are about.” ― John Morton

61. “As much as we look up at the stars and know there is more than life on earth, the divinity of dogs is just as unexplainable and profound. They may be the purest example of divine love in an earthly soul many of us have ever experienced. If we take their lead, open our hearts, and embrace their love, we may just find our own journey a lot more enlightening.” ― Jennifer Skiff

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